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84N Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, District 1, HCM City, Vietnam.

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Let’s get off the beatten track and find out how the local folks in Saigon start a new day. Stroll through some favourite morning gathering locations including a park and a food market. Have a bowl of "pho" and mingle up with the people.
Follow your guide for a fascinating walk through the riot of sights and sounds in Hanoi's Old Quarter. Take in the local life scenes while strolling through arrays of century-old houses and shops.
Venture out into the Red River Delta and explore some medieval villages around Hanoi. Discover the centuries-old crafts and productions and marvel at the arts.
Put on the peasant pyjamas and start learning the garden work while enjoying the beautiful colors of this herb growers' village. Discover some popular recipies and take home.
Learn how to cast a fishing net with a local fisheman at a hidden village. Enjoy scenic cycling routes through country lanes with lots of interesting encounters.
A magical journey into the richness of Vietnamese culture, drifting through live music, theatrical visuals and stunning acts of athleticism and acrobatics.
Let’s have a different look into of Vietnam history and culture with a discovery of the Vietnamese distinctive art and craft legacy.
4 hours
A day venturing out in the Mekong Delta. Peddle on rural tracks through lush green orchards and take a very scenic ride through nypa shaded canals.
Sail away from the civilized world and enjoy the fascinating cruise through magnificent scenery of Halong Bay.
Explore the majestic royal vestiges in Hue, the capital city of the Nguyen Kings who reigned the kingdom throughout the 19th century.
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